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The age of conventional outbound marketing is over. The pandemic ended face-to-face contact during 2020 and propelled digital marketing further ahead. Smart technologies are embedding themselves in our everyday lives. An understanding of the tactics helps identify marketing trends and rework marketing strategies.

Let’s have a look at the upcoming smart technology marketing trends for 2021.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence empowers data-driven analytics, processes, and operations. At least one in five organizations are using AI marketing tools to derive better insights, faster analysis, and streamlining routine tasks.

For example, chatbots have become an integral part of websites and apps. Customers receive quicker replies from an always-on agent to attend to their customer service needs and make sales recommendations.

Voice search is also becoming increasingly used to find content, find directions to local businesses, even place online orders. Siri sets your alarms, Alexa plays your favorite songs, and Cortana opens your documents. These bots have become our personal assistants. Businesses can leverage voice search with content marketing campaigns and local search listings on search engines and relevant apps (ie Yelp!).

Targeted Marketing

The one size fits all marketing strategy no longer works. Customers expect personalization. Greeting new customers with an offer should be different than a retention campaign to keep loyal customers coming back. Reactivation marketing to bring shoppers back is different still. 

Chatbots, SMS marketing, and email marketing are examples of tools that can be leveraged to personalize your message. Use these tools as an omnichannel strategy. Setup, monitor, and improve your prospecting, retention, and reactivations as separate campaigns. This leads us to…

Predictive Analytics

Predictive Analytics is synonymous with personalized recommendations. Personalization software employs the behaviors of site users and their purchasing patterns to recommend the perfect product at the right time.

Marketers can use predictive analytics to optimize marketing campaigns to drive more conversions and present cross-selling opportunities. Personalized recommendations are finding their way into more and more marketing tools, from dynamic on-site recommendations, many of the targeted marketing tools mentioned above.


The speed of technology changes seems to increase every year. In 2020 the pandemic gave a big boost to digital marketing technologies. This speed of change demands a keen eye and dynamic marketing strategy. Of course, you need to need to be aware of today’s key marketing trends if you want to grow revenues in 2021.

Consider these three trends as innovations making their way into every platform, channel, and marketing tool.

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