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Fishbowl Manufacturing (FBM) is a software that helps businesses manage inventory and manufacturing processes. It features manufacturing orders, advanced work orders, bills of materials, and other tools companies need to improve efficiency and maximize production processes. And Fishbowl manufacturing is even better with LilyPad, a Fishbowl app that extends the software’s capabilities. So no matter the manufacturing need, whether simple or complex, Fishbowl Manufacturing can be a great solution.

Fishbowl Manufacturing Features

Fishbowl Manufacturing offers the following key features.

  • Manufacturing
  • Inventory Management
  • QuickBooks Integration
  • Barcode Scanning
  • Business Intelligence
  • CRM Integrations
  • Ecommerce Integrations
  • EDI Integrations
  • Labor & Job Tracking
  • Landed Cost
  • Multilevel Bill of Materials
  • Multiple Locations
  • Order Management
  • Production Stages
  • Serial & Lot Numbers
  • Shipping
  • Work Orders
  • Additional Products
  • 3PL
  • MRP

The sheer number of available features coupled with the Fishbowl app, LilyPad, means you can handle just about any need. With Fishbowl manufacturing, you can streamline your daily processes, including tracking and inventory control. That means no more tedious day-to-day activities. Inventory management, order entry, receiving, shipping, picking, etc., can be handled directly via Fishbowl.

The Ease of Fishbowl Manufacturing

Fishbowl Manufacturing is divided into modules that allow businesses to split operations among employees or departments. Each module interacts with others within Fishbowl, which keeps everything synced and up to date, improving communication and accuracy. For example, manufacturers can use Fishbowl to split the steps in a production process into easy-to-manage portions.

You can even split your Work Orders into manageable chunks. When starting a Work Order, Fishbowl gives you the option to start with a lower quantity than what’s on it. For instance, if you have a Work Order with 50 items, you can alter the starting quantity to 25 in Fishbowl. That splits it into two separate orders on the same Manufacture Order, which can make your operations pretty smooth.

Fishbowl also lets you make changes to Manufacture Orders that have already been created via its “Disassemble” Work Order feature. These are only some of Fishbowl’s manufacturing capabilities, but they illustrate how it can simplify your entire operation.

Common Challenges with Fishbowl Manufacturing Inventory

Here are some common challenges that come with Fishbowl and how to address each.

1. Database Set Up

Setting up your database is a prerequisite for using Fishbowl manufacturing. However, that’s often challenging to do, especially if you have no familiarity with the software. Plus, entering hundreds or thousands of products, customer details, vendors, and other information is difficult to note the least. Consider enlisting the help of experts to remove the headaches involved with the database setup.

2. Employee Training

The last thing you need is untrained employees using your system and making costly mistakes. Even the most powerful manufacturing and inventory software won’t help you if the right staff isn’t in place to use it effectively. That’s why making sure employees receive proper training is so crucial.

Your inventory managers and other staff must be qualified to use Fishbowl and all its lovely functions. Consider hiring Fishbowl app experts like the team at LilyPad. You can also dedicate an internal team that understands the platform’s ins and outs, including your systems or operations, to train staff.

While ensuring your staff is trained may cost you some money and time in the short term, it can eliminate costly headaches, decreasing expenses over time. It also reduces your ‘lead time’ or the time it takes to fulfill an order.

3. Mistyped Orders

Sometimes, order-entry mistakes happen, and such errors can cost your company lots of money, including affect customer experience. The risk of such mistakes increases if you often take orders over the phone or email. Thankfully, you can offer your customers a way of entering orders without needing staff assistance through LilyPad Vortex.

It’s a portal or B2B platform that lets customers place orders and automatically add those orders to your Fishbowl database. LilyPad Vortex can offer your customers more accessibility, allowing people to access and order products whenever needed.

4. Errors During Picking and Misplaced Orders

Even with a streamlined order entry process, mistakes can still happen during the picking stage. Choosing the correct items from a warehouse with many other similar things is always a challenge for staff. Additionally, inventory can easily be misplaced when moved around in the warehouse.

However, you can significantly minimize the potential for errors by implementing a reliable barcode system. The LilyPad Mobile Warehouse Fishbowl app is an advanced barcode system that lets you scan barcodes when performing warehousing functions. That includes during the picking stage. It’ll also immediately notify you whenever the wrong item is scanned and auto-redirect to the correct product or item.

LilyPad Mobile Warehouse also helps with misplaced inventory. That’s because it requires that you scan the location barcode before putting any stock away, so misplacing something is near impossible.

5. Reporting

Fishbowl comes with many standard reports, but some organizations require more advanced reporting, with greater clarity and customization. That’s where LilyPad Custom Reports comes in handy – the Fishbowl extension makes it possible to modify existing reports and create customized reporting.

Plan for the Future

Your company can fall behind without a nuanced manufacturing and inventory management system to provide much-needed automation plus more. The organization can become stuck on always rushing to keep up with consumer demands rather than evaluating stock and using analytics to predict future orders. A software with automation features can free up staff time, so responding to customer demands is easier and without rushing.

Furthermore, businesses without top-grade manufacturing and inventory solutions can easily get caught up in short-term performance and lose sight of business optics. So if your current manufacturing inventory system isn’t meeting your needs, replace it as soon as possible. The longer you wait, the more irreparable reputation damage the current system can cause. Customers love companies that operate efficiently.

Choose Fishbowl Manufacturing and LilyPad

Most people that move to Fishbowl Manufacturing find relief. It’s quite overwhelming when you have to use spreadsheets, or worse, a simple pen and paper to manage inventory or manufacturing processes. Fishbowl, coupled with LilyPad, solves many problems and simplifies workflow, which can increase your ROI (return on investment).

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